a wonderful new BBEST friend

my wonderful new BBEST friend, pat, at preciousquilts has nominated me for this awesome blog award...i feel very honored for this recognition considering i'm so new to blogging that i had to get advice from my hubby as to how to get this picture transported here :) ....i suggested "magic" but he said "no dear...now write this down..." daa...daaa...magic!!!

part of this nomination requires me nominating 7 more blogmates...but i can't choose just seven, i nominate all who are on my blog roll...i hope everyone visiting this site will browse thru all the beautiful blogs i've collected like little treasures which they all are.

talking about "treasures"...check out pat's etsy shop, preciousquilts... besides the namesake quilts, she does these wonderful needlecrafted ACEO's and please don't leave till you checkout her authentic british recipes.... she's so wicked, doesn't she know i'm on a diet!

pat also has a most giving & creative blog site as well...



Precious Quilts said...

That was so sweet, thank you so much for your lovely post!

Rosebud Collection said...

Congratulations on your award..

Kari said...

Congratulations, how exciting!

kim* said...

congrats on that :)

julietk said...

You have been featured on The Craft Critique

Well done :D