here's my new series..."queen-for-a-day" series at my etsy site.
i know this is way before a lot of you were born, but in the infancy of TV there was a popular program my mom use to love to watch... "queen for a day".
i watched it only because back then us kids where the prototypes for the modern day "remote control" :(
i always wondered why mom was so happy to watch other women get labor-saving NEW washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves & vacuums. then i watched her one day; getting on her hands & knees to clean the kitchen floor, hauling the laundry to the dingy storage port outside where an ancient motorized washer stood with manual rolls that wrung out the clothes one-by-one, then hanging out the cloths on the backyard clothes line...hurrying so she could get us kids to the "neighbor lady" so she could get to her job at the factory.
i hereby dedicate this series to those wonderful women who truly defined "multi-tasking".