Gift Wrapping on the Cheap...a few ideas

One of the best ways to use up scraps of treasured gift wrap is to use what i call the "obi method"...imagine a plain unadorned gift box and add two different but compatible (complimentary in colors, similar decorative elements in both) decorative papers. i chose 2 graphic papers, both have a metallic gold that runs thru and the red & purple are from the same color family. my theory is that we all have a sense of style and we tend to pick items that just seem to go together.
once i figured this out, i stopped buying anymore papers...okay, maybe ONE extraordinary one once a year, only on a close-out sale tho :) ...my goal is to use up all my papers...that should take me 5-10 years!!!

the second & third pics, show two ideas for tags that are fun. the one in the middle are from japanese playing cards called "hana". they are beautifully made and already have unique pictures you can leave for the tags...but if you like you can replace the pics with your own...i've even used these cards for creative business cards since the opposite side is pure black. i've made little labels or in one case i actually hand wrote my business info. in white ink. you can usually find them on line or if there is a "japantown" where you live, checkout their gift shops.

the bottom pic, you can use any pics you have...xerox them, glue to card stock and cut into tags...here i used my prized "official beatles fan club cards" from the 60's.

i collect different papers, images, old stamps, graphic designs, beads, charms...i even have collected the plastic faux grass-like foliage that you find in take-out sushi bento boxes (you just never know :)
the above is just a small sampling of what you can do with the collectable scraps you have...on a simple kraft gift box is one of those gold-leaf sheets the chinese like to burn as offerings on special occassions (you can find them in your local "chinatown")...over that is a transparent sheet of paper i got at a stationery store, i like it for it's dreamy quality...i've used a paper punch to make cut outs displaying the different layers...added a portrait of a pretty lady. you can use your rubber stamps on the transparent paper to add more design, convey a message, or just leave it simple like i did.

i get all sorts of things in the mail for free that promotes this & that. lately i've been getting fake credit cards that i think is such an "icon" of our civilization...so i've used it here as the main focal point to a small jewelry gift box...but it could also be used as a gift tag.

i also like getting the "publisher's clearing house" stuff...i like to use the colorful magazine stamps on my tags and as part or all of my gift wrapping.