I Was Tagged...OMG!

lia @ bullfinch & barbury tagged me!!!...not quite sure when. i confess i don't read my comments on a regular basis...i know, i know..shame on me!

here are the "official rules":

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my 7 facts:

(1) the first boy i kissed was roger barsoom in kindergarten...it was a sad story, i was hopelessly in love with him, and yet if they had laws for it back then, i would have been slapped with a restraining order. when i kissed him, it was sort of hard & painful...the only previous experience i had with kissing was on the back of my hand : (

roger was saved by my family moving to another school district...didn't meet up with him again till high school, where i think he actually flinched when he heard my name.

(2) whenever i'm "blue", i find my cassette tape of "the Best of K.C. and the Sunshine Band"...what can i say, you just can't stop dancing like a white man & you can't be "blue" lip-sinc-ing to it.

(3) i don't particularly like/ love my sister...i wish i could count the ways, but let's just say i have this story i've told myself since i was young that she was raised by wolves and left on our door step...even they couldn't stand her.

(4) i delight in telling my in-laws, who are "age-a-phobes" & "sick-a-phobes", what happens to your body as you age..sometimes getting into graphic details.

(5) i don't have children...never wanted children...and the one time i thought i might have been pregnant, i called it "bubba the bobo" (luckily it was a false alarm)....now as i'm older and people ask if i have kids or grandkids, i smile and say ..."thank god, no!"

(6) when i was in junior high, i would run home and watch "american bandstand" religiously to learn all the latest dances...after a while i was the "go-to" person to see when learning to dance was required.

(7) i was a total "wallflower" at all the dances at school...until magically in my junior year in high school it changed...along with the intro of contact lens & a girly figure (finally).

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