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Almapottery...narrative pottery that begs us to slow down & listen

I'm one of those people on Etsy who love to be inspired by other Etsians...gathering "favorites" for my wish list & endlessly planning to buy them all with money I don't have :D

Remember those TV programs about "hoarders" (people who can't throw away anything...piles of papers, magazines etc. for years)...well I'm one, except I collect "invisible things" in all my "favorites" listing & waiting till my computer can hold no more :D

So when I decided to find more inspirational Etsians I decided to just rummage thru my "favorites" file and was delighted by my rediscoveries...Almapottery, being my first.

First off, when I read her profile I was so engaged & vested in her story about her great-grandfather and her love and creative connection to him.

Lavinia came to Michigan via Romania right after college following her soon to be husband. She had studied ceramics in college & high school (an art academy) and as i've come to admire her even more...she says she SURVIVED an art academy! Though she has at least 22 years of experience in ceramics, she's restless & eager to get involved in so much more as a creative person; photography, painting, drawing, glassmaking, & printmaking.... BUT she recently found out she can't sew (shhhh, let's not bring this up again...an apparent sore spot for lavina :)

When talking of her art school days, her friends are more important than what the school could offer...feeling more like a bubble, insulating the students from the real world, creating pietre dishes of "idealism" & "cynicism" that seem somewhat hollow, lacking the human passions & exchanges that could cultivate a bit more beauty & pleasure in the world.

Lavinia has been interviewed in Etsy, and other blogs which she has listed on the front page of her shop...i didn't list them only because the list is so long... a sign of so many fans. She also has a fan page on facebook...with my lack of facebook navigational skills, for the life of me I couldn't find it....just to let you know, i haven't been able to find my OWN fan page!

She also has her own beautiful blog: http://almapottery.blogspot.com