brand new art dolls

i've lived small towns & big cities, and wherever i've been, there have always been those wonderful people (men & women) who no matter what their minimal means were, always found a way to express themselves in their own fashion & style...i admire them & their spirit.

new fall line: necklaces

i love halloween !
how does a dismembered
skeleton & pretty beads
work for you?

... just a sweet little autumn necklace.

new fall line: handbags

... trying to use more elaborate combinations of materials.

new fall line: scarves

...this scarf is so much fun, yet elegantly soft. yes, those are real gemstones on the fringe.

...using richer colors with a variation of my decorative ends....

using soft luxurious yarns of earth-
tone blends....

... experimenting with making scarf pins.