Another page from my Inspiration Book...Terhi Tolvanen

terhi tolvanen is a finnish designer...i'm not sure if the artist is male or female...but by her work i'm guessing she is female...i base this purely on intuition & the choices she makes in materials...common and at times kitschy items used in elegant interpretations of jewelry design.

as you can see with her nail polish bottom rings, there is a wit & whimsey about her work.

then you see these "deconstructed turquoise" stones made into exquisite earrings...

or real wood branch part with amethyst pieces purposely bolted down into place :)

please visit her site... i know you will enjoy yourself.

"tuscan sun" revisited...

with the impending 2nd eye procedure, i thought it best to get a few more entries in my "insect series" at etsy...

beetles & lady bugs in particular are good omens in many cultures, but to tell you the truth i was inspired by a movie i saw on cable...i think it was called "under the tuscan sun"...it made the point that relationships of any kind take time & patience & when you find a peace from within & stop searching...a funny thing happens, what you sought comes to you in abundance.

may we all have lady bugs in our lives :)



the laser procedure on my eye was so painful...it felt like a person poking your eye, leaving their finger there & telling me to look to the right...look to the left...look down...look up...and each time hearing an electrical sound like one of those electric insect zapper-lights....ughhhhh!

the good news is that i can still see....but it's taking me a few days for the blurriness to fade.
the bad news...is that i have to go back in 2 weeks to continue the treatment...apparently the damage was so big that they have to try to correct it in stages.

but thank god...my vision is still with me...i'll try to put in a few up-beat entries before i have to go back for treatment in 2 weeks.