Marina Shafran...custom jewelry artist

Marina's artisan perspective started to form in her early years in the beautiful city of Riga (Latvia), where she was born...she had come from a long line of craftsman of different disciplines.

At the ripe old age of 13, she became a fashion model & for the next 7 years traveled the world...educating herself in a "classroom" we all mistakenly consider glamourous and pampered. If anything it was exhausting hard work...BUT with benefits for a young woman with an exceptional eye for design and the growing skills of an artisan... seeing the "best of the best" made by the "best of the best" is an opportunity that she did not waste.

As you can imagine, true "passion" came from her long involvement in wearable art and the fashion industry. At age 20, after traveling most of the world...she came across San Francisco, and fell in love (as most of us do :D ) . She grounded herself in a position at as waredrobe coordinator of an exclusive boutique, "The Rafael's", which presents handmade wearable art.

It was during her experience at "The Rafael's", that her creativity was inspired by the wonderful handmade designer art jewelry, by some of the most famous and notable artists of the time...some of whom she was able to meet, or view their work in galleries around the world.

It took quite a bit of time to hone her skills & master some of the techniques, BUT a few years ago she finally made the move to being a custom jewelry designer... Marina believes that by wearing handcrafted designer jewelry, you can reveal your exceptional personality. Because of this belief, she feels her designs are very detailed & meticulously handcrafted with hundreds of small detailed & precious components.

Currently Marina has her studio in the heart of San Francisco...and she sells exclusively through Etsy...and loves custom work, so feel free to contact her: contact@mshafran.com with your requests.

Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mshafran

Website: http://www.mshafran.com