I Dreamed I Saw... a unique & bountiful resource blog

i confess i'm not the best blogger in the world. i don't write in it everyday, only when the spirit allows. when i do go blogging, i want to be entertained and inspired at the same time and this wonderful blog fills the bill.

when you're at the home page you'll be awed by the witty intros and skillfully selected items that paint vivid "stories" for us. you'll find yourself spending hours looking at a majority of etsy shops that easily scale the author's parameters of "the most beautiful, strange, & whimsical items available on the web".

dare to get lost in this most addictive resource and you'll find a number of "categories" like; furniture, lighting, gifts, accents, wallpaper, ceramics & glass, books & art, and jewelry. pick one and you'll be presented with an abundant number of thumbnail pics...click one...then DARE to click the "Buy" button and you'll be transported to the website where you can read about the treasure or buy it.

what is so wonderful about this blog is that there is a strong sense of communal creation... tho Gay created the blog, the blog is sustained and grows with the generous links & ideas shared by it's readers..... THANK YOU GAY for such a wonderful site.