Axels Castle...lovely vintage inspired jewelry

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Sorry for my language BUT hell I just don't know why this Etsian isn't selling her jewelry by the truck load.... and just as I was going to blow a gasget I read her convo to me that she confessed she was the worst at any kind of self-promotion of her jewelry...thus her esquisite shop remains "obscure".

OMG, I've seen inferior pieces from shops who charge twice as much for less quality, style & "panache"...if this artist isn't placed under your Etsy favorites at least I'm going to spit ...and you don't want that.... spittel on monitors and keyboards is just so messy.

PLEASE check out her jewelry shop, Axel Castle, and also her very successful supply shop, Blueladore.

Coty Lee @ Etsy...handmade ooak women's apparel

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Coty Lee is a self-taught seamtress & designer. She started her clothing line in 2007. Passionate about her work using new & recycled fabrics, stretchy cottons a particular favorite of hers, the recycled finds find its way organically into her designs as she goes thru her reconstruction phase.

What caught my eye was that her designs are simple silohettes & so wearable & comfortable ...PLUS i love, luv, lov the return of the "dress" WITH POCKETS no less. What can I say, I've never been a fan of purses, just for purse sake, when a pocket can hold the essentials... ID, credit card & folding money (just in case)...okay, maybe "tic-tacs" & lip gloss too.

I've always wondered what the BIG BAG said about a girl.... "my right shouldar is 1 inch lower than my left", "guess what I have at the bottom of my purse; spare diapers or petrified pieces of doggie doo-doo?", "take me home, I have my toothbrush & hair dryer with me"..."please, don't notice I'm homeless".

Sorry...(back to Coty Lee's shop)... her dresses seem to have a simple silohette BUT then you see some interesting darting, or blocking, and buttons that draw your eyes like a well practiced magician's act to appealing focal points.

If you're lucky enough to live in the area, she sells at the "Honey Pot" @ 86 Lexington Ave. in downtown Asheville, NC.