Alyn Carlson & My Fall Into "Recliner-land"...

I recently started to read the Etsy blog section and was delighted to read about a former “Berkeley-ite” named Alyn Carlson who seems to be a bit of a Rennaisance woman; a devoted follower of her “muse”, an artist extraordinaire, graphic designer, actor, one of those people you want to hate for being able to easily assess her talents in a multitude of directions, BUT you can’t because she’s so NICE (damn it!).

Her write-up in the Etsy blog was attributed to her style of décor as reflected in her 28 year renovation of her idyllic "church/house"… you can see pics of her renovation in her Flickr photostream, BUT when you read her blog & Etsy shop you’ll realize there is far more involved.

NOW the reason for this rather lengthy article… it’s my confession, that I have an abnormal LOVE for my Lazy-Boy recliner I recently got...my husband says that i'll be talking to him & in mid-sentence will fall fast asleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There was a time I was like Alyn… having a love of art, design, structure, lines…I would cream just walking close to a low profile Italian sectional or a classic comfortable English wingback…(omg) even just talking about such things makes my juices simmer a bit….and when I see just a sneak preview of Alyn’s pictorial of her Church house, tears well up as I realize “it can never be…” for me since I finally crossed the “recliner barrier” AND have CATS (4 of these little suckers).

We have 7 sofas & love seats which are all at different stages of destruction. We have used blankets, slipcovers, plastic containers, & disposable bedliners (one cat likes to pee when she’s "horny"). I’m seriously thinking of vinyl or concrete sofas vs. crocheting little “kitty-booties” to protect the furniture ...plus satisfying this desire to drive the cats crazy running around on the wooden floors & sliding into walls… I think that is called passive-aggressive behavior on my part (my shrink would be proud).

Before I show my really demented side going through my repertoire of “kitty-torture-jokes”, let me tell you, I do love my cats, they are all rescued cats, BUT that doesn’t make me trust them….IF the kitty bowl should ever go empty, and I have the misfortune to fall unconscious on the floor, I KNOW I will be next on the "kitty food chain of life".