My "softball"

It’s been a couple of days since I got the news from the results of my imaging exam. I’ve been debating whether to continue this blog as is or to create a separate blog just for this subject matter.

This blog has concentrated on my website business & occasional conversational tirades of my past & present. I hope you will read some of the past entries to understand why I decided to keep this blog as is…filled with my business as well as my personal entries.

Just like my past influencing my present & future, my work influences my life in general & vice versa. I wouldn’t have it any other way… it makes us human & beautifully flawed.

A couple of days ago I found out that my body has been growing something (theatrical scream in the dark) ! it’s about the size of a softball near my ovary. I didn’t notice anything…just thought I was aging prematurely & getting fat… little did I know I was going to sponsor a softball team, starting with the equipment.

Strange things go thru your head, at least mine… I remember my mom in the summer would warn me NOT to swallow the watermelon seeds or else I would grow a melon in my tummy. As I straddled that infamous exam table, I tried to remember when was the last time I had had a watermelon.

A couple of entries ago I talked about a childhood memory of my mom & her best friend who died of breast cancer. Funny how your brain kicks in thoughts & memories to help you along your way. We won’t know for sure if my “softball” is benign or cancer till I get an operation (scheduled for april 9th). Till then john & I talk about why stella (our female cat) likes to pee on the pillows, what do we need from the store today, and whenever I need to talk, or cry, or need to be held, he’s there. I am so blessed.

I'm Addicted to Etsy

a couple more items for my etsy shop.