Zemphira at Etsy.Com...

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The Colorful Life of Etsian, Zemphira!

Are you shy of exuberant colors and patterns???? ....then "please step away from this entry...DO NOT CLICK this video".....okay, okay...i gave you fair warning...at least see it with a friend or family member ("buddy system") so if one of you become mesmerized, the other one can "talk you off the edge"... :D

Checkout Zemphira's Etsy shop


A Very Special Etsian, Reflectionsbyds

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Special lady...Special Etsy shop

Deniz's Etsy shop, Reflectionsbyds, holds an exquisite array of unique, one-of-a-kind (ooak) knit & crochet wearable accessories....chic & cozy items that can be worn everyday & EVERYWHERE, making EVERYDAY very "special".

what i couldn't believe was that Deniz ONLY started knitting/ crochetting about ONE YEAR AGO! ...around the time she discovered ETSY.

Do I dare call myself "green" when i'm really just in love with "small"?

i'm a native californian..i was a "half-ass hippie" in my college days...tried to understand why my vegetarian friends were snippy when i pigged out at either Carl's, McDonald's, or the Colonel's (what i call the "holy trinity")....and NOW i do what every responsible "earthling" does...conserve water, recycle trash & pressure my husband to replace our "gas-guzzlers".

as with all my "new age" experience there was always an element of hedonism...i was a dam good-looking half-ass hippie in those long peasant dresses.... AND CONFESSION... i think those electric cars are soooooo CUTE.


SpringDream ...a video

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SpringDream... Etsy shop by Stephanie Orange

above i made a sample video of just a few of stephanie's pieces. as you can see, steph is not a newcomer...she had a really successful wedding line for years. but after so many crystal beads and pale blue accents & making the same necklace over & over again, she just got BORED (haven't we all been there).

so it was about that time when her "thrill tank" was almost empty, that the economy tanked as well...and her day job was demanding her to travel more. so what's a girl to do?...pull up her bra strapes and make some changes!

though she has been reading up on the adventures of "wholesale" possibilities, her passion is creating a daytime jewelry line of one-of-a-kind pieces, yet still keep a toe-hold on her "grassroots" in the wedding arena.

i love her delicate pearl hairpins & white hydrangea tiara...makes me want to get married AGAIN :D checkout her etsy site AND feel free to contact her about any questions and/ or maybe a special order.