where have all the thongs gone???

i recently had to bite the bullet and buy some underwear..."panties" if you will for the sexially tintilated. as i log on to "target online" and looked under "old lady undies" (luckily they don't call it that), i started to think about all those sexually provocative matching bras & panties i use to love to get from "victoria's secret"...they always made me feel sexy...hugging me in the right places...lifting me up and out where no asian woman had been before.

when i was a single woman living in the bay area, i prided myself for having 30 pairs of sex panties (of those 30, 15 had matching bras). it wasn't because i had a "thing" for collecting them, BUT that i hated to do laundry...so instead of going to the laundromat weekly i just did a massive wash every 30 days.

so when was it that "victoria's secret" was replaced by "lady jockey" at target? or maybe a more important question is "where did all the thongs go?"...a few were lost under car seats, movie theatres, restaurants, and hiking trails...(got those pantie lover's a cheap thrill)...BUT where did the others go??? a mystery i'm quite sure...maybe i can make up a game similar to "where's waldo?" :)


why are we afraid of "i love you"?

facebook is an amazing & baffling place for me. remember bruce, the first boy i ever danced with in high school, who in an early entry i describe a 40+ year old "seed" of kindness (see "my first" high school dance entry). he is going thru a personal challenge and has gathered round his friends & family to ease some of those potholes on his journey.

bruce hadn't heard from me for a long while...what can i say, social networking is hard for me...i know it's necessary for my business, but i'm horrible about keeping up with it...adding friends, keeping my "wall" updated.

we recently got to talking again, going over mutual old friends & aquaintences, talking about everyday silly stuff...and in the middle of it he said he loved me...i thought how nice & didn't think much about it till the next time we spoke...he was concerned that he might have scared me off with that innocent declaration of friendship.

when you're young & in the dating scene...those three little words can be like bullets or roses depending on the situation...BUT i had to think to myself, at our age and what we all have been thru in our lives, the battles & triumphs we all have had, the knowledge of the hard road ahead, those 3 little words have more significance...

a life well-lived will always have regrets, but if we're lucky we'll make time to acknowledge them and to make amends... for bruce to share his "love" briefly with that ackward girl at a high school dance some 40+ years ago to a woman who only really knows him thru that wonderful chance encounter...that innocent declaration of "i love you" is his 40+ year "chip".

i love you too bruce :) ...for the boy i still see in my memory and the man you've become.