Steel Magnolia ... final #2

Steel Magnolia...final #1

Steel Magnolia, Bruce S., and a Crush Reborn (egad! @ my age)

a while back i wrote about Bruce S....he was the first boy i "officially" danced with at my very first high school dance.

the entry was about the kindness he showed to an ackward young girl he barely knew. i also tried to describe the "sexy bad boy" auora he had...i don't think i could ever adequately describe it, BUT weeks ago i got caught up again with this CMT program called "Can You Duet" (very strange for a "rock & blues" kind-of-gal).

this season was so amazing, with over-flowing talents...BUT one of the duos competeing, Steel Magnolia, was my favorite. not only were they the best coupling, BUT Josh Scott Jones was the exact physical likeness and the same degree of "bad-boy hotness" of Bruce S., the boy from so long ago who i will always have a crush on.

Steel Magnolia won the competition... and i'm now reminded of the crush i had for a sweet young boy years ago and struggling with a crush of a young man who's as old as a son i never had.