"under the tuscan sun"

i started a new series again. based on "bugs"...beetles & ladybugs to be specific, but hopefully more bugs will emerge...i love the mix of the filigree with the textbook look of the insects. the above pic is my first bracelet in a number of years & i'm sort of turned on by it...sort of gothic in feel....you can find them at my etsy shop...streetnoodles.

beetles & lady bugs in particular are good omens in many cultures, but to tell you the truth i was inspired by a movie i saw on cable...i think it was called "under the tuscan sun"...it made the point that relationships of any kind take time & patience & when you find a peace from within & stop searching...a funny thing happens, what you sought comes to you in abundance.


Waterrose said...

OH I love the one on top....they look like bug cameo's! Very cool.

Amber Dawn said...

I love these peices. I hope you make more. They are wonderful. And that little saying from the movie is perfect and oh So true.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Bugs are always interesting in fashion...they come and go but someone always seems to like them. These pieces are very unique!