My Newest Obsessions...

It a

ll started with a visit to my local "Goodwill Store". I found this well-worn straw hat that had a clump of "once-upon-a-time" fabulous fragile netting and what looked to be a once colorful assortment of millinery tiny flowers and assorted baubles. Then flashback further when i was a kid watching my mom hanging out the laundry...she'd always let me take one shirt and put on my head so that i could pretend i had long hair...AND THERE became the first day of a long obsession with my hair...the magical, unattainable haircut never quite achieved... popular hair accessories from every decade i lived through.

Above you'll find my new obsession with hair accessories (also have some new brooches too)using old & new elements and adding my "Goodwill" inspired embellishments to the mix.... strangely i'm too close to this work to judge it...not sure if it's good or not.