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From the window of Miriam Dema's studio...

All of Miriam's work is handmade or screen printed in limited editions at her studio in the mountains of Los Angeles. As she says, "I read lots of old books and magazines while I breath the musty smell deeply and sneeze."

She's not limited by color or imagination...as she straddles between a retro post-war styling & our modern world, to present strong visual & current subjects more poignantly.

Check out her Etsy shop for extraordinary buys, her blog site for her brand new things & frequent musings, and her website that shows her earlier work.

Please mark this on your calendars... Miriam will be participating in THIS WEEKEND's Spring Brewery Artwalk... a free weekend of open artist studios at the world's largest art colony located in downtown L.A. , the BREWERY ARTS COLONY.

Open 11am- 6pm, Sat.- Sun. April 17th - April 18th, 2010
2100 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Ph# (323) 223-6089
email: info@breweryartwalk.com
website: http://www.breweryartwalk.com


Unmasked at Etsy.com

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Unmasked at Etsy.com...a remarkable artist & shop

Peggy is a remarkable artist as her work speaks for itself. She has (2) online shops; one at Etsy & the other at 1000Markets, where you can buy her ooak ceramic mask wall hangings as well as smaller proto-types which originally are used to work out the logistics for larger works, but with forthought become pendants & wall hangings.

If you dare to expose your child-like wonder with your mouth gapping open at every piece you are exposed to, you should view her website & blog site to get a more spiritual sense of the woman behind the mask.

Peggy has also been published in the collector's section of "American Style" magazine... i was impressed, i can't even afford a subscription :D

OMG! Mother's Day is just around the corner!

If you are like me, you owe so much to your Mom... she was the first one i turned to for advice...okay, okay maybe the 2nd or third, especially on advice about sex or boys in general...BUT after my peers told fairy tale stories of where babies came from, i always knew my Mom would tell me the truth (& maybe a little lecture with it).

She was also the one who I totally dumped my adolescent angst on and she still loved me!

She deserves so much more, BUT we can start with a hug & a kiss and a day long celebration of a life well lived & maybe something well thought out about to commemorate your love.

Go to CCC (California crafter's club) of 1000Markets.com ...and view the fabulous Mother's Day Gift ideas the market has come up with.

Vicky Riley Weddings at Etsy.com

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Exceptional Handmade Bags by Vicky Riley

With special ocassions just around the corner... from weddings, proms, formal events, and those well deserved romantic dinners out with someone very special...those oversized purses or ackward clutches just won't cut it.

Vicky's classic evening bags are exquisitely made and are the perfect accessory to a lovely dress or gown that needs just the right compliment.

Visit Vicky's Etsy site to shop on line and also her blog for inspiration & her inspirations behind her work.


Announcing the winner of the "SUPER_DUPER GIVEAWAY"...

Due to some technical difficulties, there will be some changes to the final giveaway.... you see it was raining "cats & dogs" (in California...i know that in itself is weird)....BUT i got a graving for Chinese food...dim sum to be exact and when i reached into the hat to pick out the winner....i did grab a definitive winner, BUT i also had (2) other names stuck to my fingers...lesson learned ...always wash & dry hands thoroughly before picking names from a hat :D
The definitive winner is "Annie"... remember you have 24hrs to email me back with your identity & mailing address. If no contact is made you forfeit your prizes to one of the other 2 runner-ups... "Lu" & "Irene".
Now the winner will receive the giveaway prizes as well as the "super-size" extras randomly choosen from my studio..... the "sticky finger" selectees (Lu & Irene) will receive a consolation prize selected from my studio.
So Annie, Lu & Irene...email me at: ellen@ellenikemotodesign.com with your mailing info within 24hrs.