Sas Colby...mixed media artist (video)

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Sas Colby... a Facebook reaqaintence surprise!

Recently, just when I was about to walk away from my "Facebook" membership due to a rather negative "South Park" episode which scared the shit out of me... I got this email announcement that a "Facebook" member was answering my call for a "friend".

OMG! ...I had almost forgotten that I had seen my old art instructor on "Facebook"...Sas Colby.
She was a visiting professor from Connecticut...back in the early 70's, she had come to our college through the Feminist Art Program at that time. It was amazing back then when the art department was male dominated and very conservative & "narrow" in it's definition of what constituted "art".

Though Sas was introduced to many of us thru that program, her real secret to longivity has always been the art. For 30+years her use of diverse mediums (textiles, photography, painting, drawing, collage & assemblage) to create her art from abstract to representational work has served her well.

She's noted for her artists' books, engaging her audience with her medium, her intimate scale...inviting the viewer to see, feel & smell her art>>>pushing the boundaries of books.

Sas currently lives in Berkeley, but spends her summers in Taos, New Mexico. She has taught her popular "mixed-media workshops" at the Mable Dodge Luhan House in Taos and also frequently accepts "visiting artist" positions with universities and conferences.

Website: http://www.sascolby.com/
Represented by: http://www.fenixgallery.com/