Once upon a time i was 20...a short story of regret & karma

it's hard to believe that i was once 20...but's true. in an earlier entry i mentioned i was asked to remember an era & a young man. it got me wondering about the aftermath of that era. right at that time, i was presented with 2 young men, both with the same name, both young & handsome, both saying they cared for me...and without much thought i chose the man who was closer to my age, who seemed"perfect" on paper as well as in my eyes.

after making the choice, the war tore us apart...but in hindsight, if it weren't for the war, it would have been something else...i think karma was involved, god, if you will....i needed to learn a lesson...i needed to learn that you can't make someone love you if they don't.

this version of a bonnie raitt song is from melissa polinar & passion...i chose it because it is more intimate & she sort of looks like i did at 20 :)