Watchmen, a Dream, & Looney Tunes

It all started on Tuesday, March 10th…very innocently, sudden…what I would like to call a “golden moment”.

Both my husband & I had nothing in particular planned, so we made a date to see a matinee movie…”the watchmen”.

Though the movie was not going to win an oscar, I thought it very successful in staging a “graphic novel” of a by-gone era…cutting thru historic touchstones…combining a lustful crime-drama with pure sci-fi.

A memorable character for me was “silk spectra”…a raven hair beauty in the most remarkable spandex costume & “kick-ass” high-heel boots. At the end of the movie I was so energized & transported…I had become “silk spectra”…and as I started walking down the long ramp to the theatre doors, to my poor husband’s dismay, he says I started to RUN down the rampage in wild abandon.

There is no video (thank god!) …but in my defense, I have been feeling rather “rakish” ever since joining a particular market which shall remain nameless at 1000markets.com…you know who you are. The rest of the week I laid in bed with a pulled back muscle. In between the spasms of pain, I tried to think that it could have been worse…there might have been headlines in the town paper of a rather rotund asian woman mowing down 5 children on her way out of the movie theatre.

To continue my week of heartache…on March 15th, I found out I didn’t win the HGTV Dream House!!!!!

And as the week couldn’t get any better, I prepared for the ultimate humiliation…a colonoscopy (not sure how to spell it). The preparation was more painful than the procedure itself because they put you asleep BUT I had the pleasure of waking for just a few seconds when I saw my doctor…(a young, handsome, diminutive man) trying to move me about on the table to get the scope thru a difficult turn…as I was put back into “la-la-land”, all I could do was dream a “looney tune” type dream where the operation room instruments & nurses start to sing a silly song as the diminutive doctor in an oversized lab coat is using fantastical conveyor belt system to move my body in all sorts of twists and turns while he is taking polaroids of my “woohoo”.

"tha-tha-that's all folks !"