My First High Scool Dance

being a short asian woman, i won't tell you i started out as a cute caucasian woman in high school (see picture)...but i wanted to capture that intimate appeal of the first dance.

this is brought on by a surprise invite on facebook (which is a pure mystery to me...so i don't use it very often) by Bruce S....the first boy i ever danced with in high school.

my best friend at the time was Sharon, who was built like me...a chubby asian teenager BUT the difference was she was stunning and didn't really know it. she talked me into going to this dance together for moral support BUT i should have sat down with her to talk about the "rules of engagement" on the dance floor. though sharon was stunning...she was socially awkward, being an only child...of the two i was the better dancer...had some social graces, even as a teenager.

when she was asked to dance....OMG she refused unless her partner found a dancing mate for me...i guess to share the experience with me...i know she probably thinks that was the best thing she could have done as my friend BUT it was the way she did it. within earshot of quite a few people, she told the boy she would not dance unless he found someone to dance with me...talk about feeling so embarassed & humiliated...jeez, what was she thinking!! as he turned away to find a buddy, i protested to her, but she was relentless & kept raising her voice saying she would not dance unless i did too. if i could have thrown her out a window or down the stairs i would have, but i just didn't think fast enough.

before i knew it, the boy came back with a buddy...not just any "buddy" but a guy i had noticed on the grounds in-between classes...he had dark moppy hair (like the beattles), sexy eyes and seemed to have a bit of a "bad boy" reputation...he always seemed "cool" and a bit of an outsider.

the only way i could stop feeling like a "grade A" fool was to not make a fuss and just dance (omg...a slow one!). let me preface here, that i knew i was awkward...chubby, asian w/ unattractive glasses (which i didn't wear to the dance, so i couldn't see to good), and a fashion style that was not quite developed....Bruce on the otherhand was "cool" in my eyes...dressed in a monotone dark hue with a leather jacket (he says it wasn't leather, but hell this is my memory so it was leather).

i remember that he smelled good...his shouldars were naturally broad & not the result of shouldar pads sewn in his jacket...his body was warm & when i leaned into him his breath was warm against my cheek. I don't think we said much..maybe just "hi" and "don't you sit behind me in social studies?"...but what i noticed the most that night, was that he never once made me feel bad about having to dance with me as a favor to his buddy...for that moment in time, i was just a girl dancing with a guy...and it was perfect. i'll always appreciate Bruce for that memory.

note: after that dance i didn't remain friends with Sharon...my version of "throwing her out the window"...and Bruce, if you read this..."thank you".


Another "1000 Market" favorite...Gougogao

what can i say about these fine designers...their banner says it all..."nothing. everything"

their garments are exquisite, yet understated...i dreamed i could fit into all of their line, even being a rather vertically & horizontally-challenged figure, i still have dreams of fitting into the "edge coat" :)

please checkout their site...it's gorgeous! http://www.1000markets.com/users/gougoloft

"Independence Day" the movie

Tivo…a blessing or a curse?? That’s a question I would never have had to to hesitate to think about back in the VCR era of my life. OF COURSE A BLESSING…to be able to record programs at a drop of a hat without wondering if I had a blank or “unnecessary” tape to record over…to not have to worry if there was enough tape to record the 2hr. program that was only going to be on ONCE before it was locked up in a fairytale castle vault, not to be seen again for god knows how long…maybe for as long as that “sleeping beauty” girl was getting bed sores waiting for “her prince to come”…no double entendre intended J

Anyway, with all these holiday programs & surprisingly scheduled music awards, I have been craving entertainment on the tube. “Independence Day” was scheduled on cable & I had it TIVO-ed…days later, I finally was able to watch it in 2 sittings in 2 days. It sort of lost it’s glitter, but it was still far better than the holiday programs scheduled.

After watching it though, a strange question popped into my head that kept my brain leaping for hours till I finally got the answer “just right”

“The Question”: (despite all my health concerns and doctorly advice from everyone, including my doctor)….If I knew I was going to be killed by an alien invasion in 24hrs…what would I want for my last meal?

“The Answer”: ..(I would have my husband drive me to a few of my favorite places…since I would need both hands to gather & nibble such a feast)…

To “China Express”…for the best won ton soup in town

To “KFC”…for a bucket of legs & thighs w/ biscites

To “that Chinese restaurant near the grocery story”…for “Singapore Streetnoodles”

To “Foster’s Freeze”…for a large orange freeze & strawberry shake…the shake is for my husband who is driving.

To “Valentino’s Pizzeria”…for a large ½ & ½..half pepperoni & Italian sausage, half pineapple & Canadian bacon…the pineapple one for my hubby who doesn’t know that pizzas should never be made of fruit.

To “Jack-in-the-Box”…for those amazingly greasy & cheap tacos (99 cents !)

Then for desert…any donut shop that has a wide assortment of bear claws & jelly-filled.

@#$% damn it…where is that alien invasion anyway!!!