i'm a little scared...correction, A LOT SCARED

yesterday, i went to a new eye doctor...i thought it was only going to be an introduction and a quick review of my glaucoma (pressure in my eyes) , but apparently it is more serious than that.

in 1976, i was diagnosised with diabetes & a resulting glaucoma being a direct link to it. for years i knew my sight was at risk, but that it would be a long slow process in the lose. the doctor who i was seeing (for years) always checked my eye pressure. it was high but tolerable and he never indicated anything serious, until he passed me off to his colleague who is a specialist & than immediately stated i had severe damage and some laser surgery is necessary to control the bleeding.

tomorrow i'll be going in... if all goes well, my vision in the left eye will improve, if not...well i'll still have my right eye...thank god they come in twos...the scary part is that she says the right eye is also showing signs of damage & i'll have to have laser procedure on it as well in the future.

as my defensive mechanism steps in ...denial of anything bad happening is in high gear... BUT BOY AM I SCARED.


"strange dolls"...an amazing art doll website

i've had this website under my "favorites" for years...i keep on going back to check what other images she comes up with...they are all "dark & moody"...a little "goth" or other worldly, BUT i'm always fascinated by them.
you know how you look at things and for some reason something just clicks. you're not influence by trends or styles & what's "cool" this week...i think it "clicks" when you finally meet up with a visual artist who knows how to tell a story...doesn't matter the genre, but just tells a good story.
this artist is an excellent storyteller !!!


my favorite website for "jewelry inspiration"

velvet da vinci gallery is named after an old "perry mason" tv episode. located in the business district of 'russian hill', san francisco.
it opened in 1991. it's a gallery of contemporary art jewelry & metalworks. it represents artists from US, Europe, Latin America & Japan.
it's always so inspiring to see different views of art jewelry...checkout their website & enjoy their archives of all their past & present shows.