I love Pashupatina

I love Pashupatina Necklaces... the site is gorgious and her designing style has so penetrated my thoughts I started to dream about how i could design my own pieces. I hope I don't cross the line of admiring to stealing...I've actually asked total strangers about this so as not to cross any lines. I am trying assymetrical and organic wire techniques, but hopefully kept my style, which is more traditional.

Thanks to all scarf lovers!

I would like to thank two very special women..."special" because they liked my scarves, and "very special" because they were so helpful in fine-tuning them...to size & shape, and color ranges:

Modela... 323 E. Market Street, Iowa City, IA

Home Body... 119 N. Main St., Suite 101, Blacksburg, VA

Please checkout their shops & support the indie designer.