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Leeya Engel...uniquely handcrafted jewelry

I saw Leeya in the Etsy forum, talking about her blog, asking others to join in on sharing their own on the "thread". I was so impressed with her Etsy shop and blogsite, that I immediately asked her if I could do this entry on her & her shop (see slide show above).

Leeya has been creative for a very long time...let's just say that crayons were involved :D ... and as soon as the concept of money crept into her life she spent all her "birthday money" at the bead shop.

She grew up in Manhattan and 5 years ago moved to Israel. Recently completed her B.Sc. in Physics and now lives with her husband in sunny city of Modi'in, Israel; pursuing her Masters in Materials Science & Nanotechnology.

Her life has truly been math/ science juxtaposed with crafts/ visual arts... creating a wonderful dynamic.

* member of the Etsy IsraelTeam
* http://leeyaengel.blogspot.com
* http://twitter.com/LeeyaEngel
* jewelry created in Pet Free & Smoke Free environment

HELP! ...I Need Inspiration! ... (a contest?)

Have you ever just hit a wall ... losing all sense of creativity... getting a little depressed everyday that you can't express yourself with writing in your blog, your journal, going to your studio area and getting lost in your projects.

If you noticed I did a hell of a lot of slide videos for other people recently...animoto.com must have gotten pissed I took advantage of their "FREE" video setups :( ...BUT I was very happy to help promote others especially when I hadn't created anything in weeks.

But I feel the juices flowing again (slowly, but surely)... and I want to nurture it BUT I need your help.....I also want to keep promoting other artists, as well as having inspirational entries to help my readers...SO I PROPOSE AN ON-GOING CONTEST...

Open to anyone visiting or following my blog... IF you have any favorite websites, blogs, pictures (your pics, with permission to use them), movie critiques, your own writings, favorite TV show, recent art show you've been to, a group you belong to (book club, girl's lunch out)....ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that YOU find inspirational in someway.

Please write a brief proposal for your inspiration.... with a way to contact you...I'll contact you for more details...and IF your "inspiration" is choosen, I'll send you a free jewelry gift from my studio...and place it in my blog with full credit to you. This I feel should be an on-going contest... to give everyone time to think of things that really inspire you in small & big ways.