Facebook...my continuing frustration with this icon

I'm trying to figure if it's been a year since i tried to put up a fan page with my Etsy shop on full display... everytime I did, it would be up and running until the following day and then it would disappear.

I finanly tried to do it again...I think it took....I pray it took. If anyone has the time, please visit my fan page and tell me if it's still up and running...(preparing myself for another Facebook failure).


Thank You Simone!

A while back I asked this amazingly talented artist, Simone; curator of the online gallery Ammiki.com , Etsy shop owner of Honeycup and others, and writer of the blog, girlstartup.com to design my blog banner.

Back then i wasn't aware of all the different "fires" she was maintaining...anyway I recently got a convo from her apologizing for not contacting me sooner about my blog banner she was working on. I found out that not only was she involved in soooo many projects BUT she actually got sick several months (probably due to exhaustion, i imagine).

I want to thank her for the beautiful blog banner above & being so dedicated...i really appreciate it. I also want to say i started to read her blog and was so happy someone i could relate too was noticing a "disconnect" at times between working hard and getting noticed and making sales. I for one plan to visit often to see how she documents her personal trials & tribulations of being an online business woman.