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Anuart...a ceramicist in love with the unpredictable "process"

I'm witnessing this artist's work with some history & knowledge of this medium, though I confess I'm NOT an expert so please read this review with that in mind.

Troughout the history of our country, there have been "craft movements" come in a "fury" and fade back BUT never really die out totally...and amongst all the craft disciplines, ceramics has always been near the "eye of the storm". Back in the early 70's I was fortunate to be able to study under several great ceramicist, ALL of whom I didn't appreciate until they left my school.

The first was Rita Yokoi, who was one of the youngest Fullbright scholar recipients who was granted study with Japan's ceramic master at that time...she had confess she loved the experience BUT hated the regimented way of teaching...spending months just throwing a "simple" tea cup/s...until it was perfect and up to the level of excellence of her teacher.....than months of doing repetitive glazing techniques til her "sensai" felt her skills "good enough"...than the firing process...

The other instructor was a young guest professor...highly recommended & was working on his Master's. His skills were amazing BUT his teaching sucked... I remember he showed part of his work at the end of term...they were simple thrown plates, bowls, cups...BUT what was so different and amazing was the glaze work.... amazing true reds, cobalts, oranges, gold, silver with textures and surprizing bubbles & craters on the surfaces.

Both these artists taught me to appreciate the unpredictablity of the process... Rita never made the perfect tea cup, but it didn't stop her from trying or knowing the importance of that action. That guest professor got his Master's, but i would imagine he keeps trying to control the glaze formulas & predict the outcome & smiles broadly as he opens the kiln and finds it's nothing he expected.

Anu & Tracey are studio partners and make up "serenity studio ceramics" ... and have that same sense of wonderment that ceramicist and watercolorist alike have...i wish them well on their journey...checkout their adventures thru their blog.

Anu's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/anuart
Tracey's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/primativepots
Anu's favorite charity: Pennies for Peace www.ikat.org/