"My softball" is gone !

I know it's taken me such a long time to get back on the blog. i also know i left everyone who stopped in on a cliffhanger.

when i learned of my "softball" tumor & the need to operate to remove it along with all my "girlie organs" (which i was very attached to...no pun intended), i was in shock. i actually delayed the operation so as to coincide with my husband's vacation. i justified it by saying it would be more logistically easier for us, but in reality, i just needed a little time to get my head wrapped around what i had just been told. in hind sight, i wished i would have taken less time to adjust because the "softball" grew a little larger and started to twist about, cutting the blood supply causing some ungodly amount of pain.

i was screaming all the way to the hospital & swearing like a sailor for heavy-duty pain killers on the day of the operation. but my screams were met with a wall of bureaucracy. gratefully, the operation did happen. though they were 90% sure the tumor was benign i did have to wait a couple of weeks for the biopsy of the actual tumor for final clearance.

i haven't had the strength or energy to do anything but etsy maintenance (minimal)...this blog had to wait for my strength to increase & my hormonal depression to subside. but i assure you all i've been so grateful for everyday i'm here. i kiss & hold & tell my husband how much i love him...and i pet all my cats till they run from me.

please forgive me...i still get a little tired still. i will write back soon....have to tell you all about my attempt at getting a site on "flickr".