My favorite new Fall TV series...Terriers

Donal Loque and Michael Raymond-James are the stars of this series about two buddies who due to a series of strange circumstances become "unofficial" (no license) private eyes. Donal is a disgraced "clean" alcoholic ex-cop doing whatever odd jobs to survive...Michael is talented ex-thief who has become tight friends with Donal helping him with whatever odd jobs arise...they drive an old pick-up that has the faded name of the previous owners' business painted on it's side...in a depressed ocean side community.

You've probably recognize the actors' faces...great contemporary character actors have that great distinction to be recognized BUT not quite really. I've seen Donal over the years in comedies, dramas, & vampire films & have had a crush on him for years...with Michael i recognize him, "but not really":D

What makes this my favorite new Fall series is the acting & writing, BUT i really like the maturity of the producers to not expect instantaneous bravado or recognition of the characters, BUT to show a slow burlesque-like tease of each character introduced from Donal's stressed out old cop partner trying to quit smoking by chewing & inhaling thru an endless supply of nicotine filter tips and Michael's relationship with a gorgeous vet student, who he burglarized & fell in love with on the spot (unbeknowst to her)...add the only dog in the mix, a stout & loveable english bulldog.

There is one more thing i have to mention... more of a prediction really about Michael Raymond-James...my husband thinks i'm crazy, BUT this is my thought....remember "Thelma & Louise" and the monumental appearance of a young Brad Pitt introduced as a charismatic convenience store robber...so polite & charming. I get the same vibe from Michael's character in this series...a comical, zany, polite, sweet, charming & sexy "outlaw".

Whatever it is...i hope you will at least watch it once or TIVO it & watch it at your leisure...would like to hear what you think.

Conclusion: Facebook is like an abusive boyfriend...that your parents like!

This is dedicated to Erica who made a comment on the previous "Facebook entry"... my opinions are my own, and based on a 7 hour bout with Facebook trying to get my fan page up and running.

Facebook is like an abusive boyfriend that your parents like... everyone told me i should have a fan page with Facebook, even though i told them i didn't trust them, found them confusing & hard to deal with...following the "rules" they set, and yet with every inelegant programers' frustrated "loops" & turns there was an obvious intent to make me feel stupid and inadequate..HEY, i'm a college graduate, went to grad school, got my masters...BUT i'm suppose to find a microscopic phrase or single word that is inherently frought with "misdirection".

"4Q" you Facebook! ... no Faceless, mega entity, hiding in the darkness of annonimity is worth 7 hours of my time...unfortunately you've got the general public ("the parents") bamboozled...so sorry Erica...i did get my fan page up, BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I DID IT! ...my only hope in some alternate universe, all of us abused victims will gather mattresses around the faceless Facebook building & burn it down...using self-defense due to post-traumatic stress as our defense.