Facebook...devil or angel??

this is just a short blurb for me about my confession that Facebook is a total mystery to me...i HATE IT, yet i keep returning to it because i know it must have mystical powers i should be tapping into...i just don't have the magic sword or key or "portal" that will allow me to navigate without getting lost and frustrated beyond belief.

there is a wonderful blog called "I dreamed I saw"...if you see it you'll see how special it is...visually & content-wise. It was developed & designed by an amazing branding & website design/ development group, www.houseoftearsdesign.com . at a blissful time a few months ago i was under the delusion that i could make enough in sales to employ them to help me shape my empire...but alas, the sales have slowed and I had to tell Kirk, the rep there, that I couldn't afford their services. I guess we hit it off, because he spent a little longer on the phone telling me some good "free" advice of what i could do for myself...the first being, to create a Facebook fan page for my business.

so in honor of kirk's patience & generousity... i plan to dedicate a few hours daily to conquer my fear of Facebook! ...let the challenge begin!