Another "Giveaway"??? Are You Insane?

i'm sponsoring another "giveaway" before the year's end...crazy i know!!! it will start Christmas Day & end New Year's Eve...Dec. 25th - Dec. 31st....the contest will close New Year's Eve midnight & a winner announced on NEW YEAR'S DAY.

the one thing i always noticed as i became an adult was that if you are the female of the species, there always seems to be a "double-edge sword" with every "good thing" that comes along.
puberty comes along & wowy-zowy you're finally growing breasts (a good thing) just as you're told that "aunt flo" will be visiting you every month for the rest of your productive YEARS!
christmas which was soooo special as a child (a good thing) is now such a chore...cleaning the house for family & friends, while making a zillion course meal as delicious as any "quick-fire winner of top chef" could do.
this year we'll have a "giveaway" contest to look forward to AFTER Christmas...Yeah!
ENTER as many times as you can for the best chance to win...
MANDATORY ENTRY: Enter all (4) things to count as one mandatory entry (if you have them):
(a) enter your etsy shop
(b) enter your blogsite
(c) enter your website
(d) enter your contact (email) info
**most of these entries will be based on finding things about other participants & in the end promoting each other's shops, blogs & websites.
**in the beginning, use either my info to create your entries OR FOR MORE FUN...use info from shops, blogs, & websites that are only known to you :D
**try to spreadout your entry info to include as many shops, blogs & websites as possible.
  • go to ANY participant's etsy shop (except mine), and report back with the shop name & 2 items you like from the shop
  • go to ANY participants etsy shop (except mine) and add to "your favorites"...report back with the name of shop.
  • go to ANY participant's website (except mine) and request a "link exchange"...report back with the name of shop.
  • go to ANY participant's blog (including mine) and "follow" them...report back with name of shop.
  • go to ANY participant's blog (including mine) and add their blog to your "favorite blog list"..report back with blog site..
  • go twitter and tweet about any aspect of ANY participant's etsy shop, blog or website that you liked...report back with link.
  • IF you write an entry in your own blog about ANY participant's shop (except mine), that would be worth (3) official entries.
  • IF you make a purchase from anyone's shop, you earn (5) official entries.

AGAIN at the start of these "comments" we will be in need of one or two participants to start adding extra entries...here are my mandatory information to start...don't forget that in a pinch or just to add some spice add an ETSY SHOP, A BLOG, or A WEBSITE you like:

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! ...i will be "super-sizing" the prizes as i did before, BUT will hold off laying-out the criteria until i find out what i have left in my studio :D