Scared again!

I'm scared again...going in for some emergency laser eye treatment this early morning...can't sleep.

My eyes tend to bleed at times, nothing ghoulish, just tiny bleeders that leave what the doctors call "spider webs". If you looked at my eye you would not even see it, but looking outward, I do...in normal people they usually disapate & fade away so the vision isn't effected for long, but for some reason (probably due to my diabetes) my bleeders don't act normally & stay & I'll get more bleeders until my eye is filled with these little "spider webs" that float about like thick algae floating through sea water.

It's time like these that I become scared & disgustingly maudlin...trying to think of what I could do if I lost my vision being an artist most of my life...Monet painted well into his blindness...his figures becoming more abstract BUT those amazing colors could not be restrained.

I know I'm no "Monet", but with technology, maybe I could see a bit longer or at least clearer...I hear that fonts can be enlarged :D

I'll try to sleep now...crossing my fingers & toes...knocking on wood.


Peace & Love Market of 1000Markets is wearing it's heart on their sleeves with a great Benefit Auction...

One of my favorite markets at 1000 Markets.com is again dispalying their hearts on their sleeves by sponsoring a Benefit Auction for "A Place to Bark"...an animal rescue facility located in Tennessee.

Bids are being taken Sunday Nov. 8th thru Saturday Nov. 14th at the Peace & Love Market Forums.

Just make a comment with your bid. If you are a member of 1000Markets that's all you need to do...if you are a newcomer & don't want to join at this time, just make your bid and leave your email address so you can be contacted in case you win.

If you are like me... a generous heart BUT with a hole in my pockets right now, consider making a donation, leaving your contact info :D

Wonderful Christmas theme jewelry has been donated and it will be fun to see how high bids will go... Winner will be announced November 15th ! ...Let's come an support the people who listen to the creatures who have no voices.