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Balanced...handmade beaded jewellery from Dublin, Ireland

Rachel created a handmade jewellery shop inspired by nature, women, and her surroundings....and what more inspirational ancient land than Ireland. She is originally from Northern California, and found her "road less traveled" with her husband & baby, ginger cat :D

Please checkout her Etsy shop, her website/blog, and her other venue (in Australia), Robin Street Market.


Between May 10th-16th, Rachel will offer 20% off anything in her Etsy shop (excluding shipping)....just use the code "streetnoodles" at checkout.

Mother's Day Thought...

As I look back and remember the most important woman in my life…my mom, I’m shocked to see that I share more general characteristics with my dad when I was younger…artistic, moody, and wearing my “angst” on my sleeve at all times.

As I’ve grown & lived in the “real world”, my life seems steered by my maternal side….the planner, the worrier, the “what-will-people-think-of-me” person. Afraid to follow my dreams because that would be selfish, or too afraid to fail, or even too afraid to try.

Now finally my turn, though a bit late, finding the “Age of ME”. Finding out that the classic “break-up” line…”if you love her set her free” really is a east-meets- west philosophy of “letting go” of everything & having the faith that everything will come back to you stronger.

I still feel my mom’s presence in our family home…still at times hear her footsteps going down the hall checking in all the bedrooms making sure we’re all alright. I hope she made time to find herself.

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Crist Pottery...handbuilt pottery

The styling of Beverly Crist's handbuilt ceramic pottery has been a long time in the making. Always making art since early childhood, she got her B.A. & B.F.A. degrees from Florida universities and wherever she lived she always had a ceramic studio practice...in Florida, Texas, California & Germany.

She's been published in numerous ceramic/art books & magazines, as well as, had commissioned art work in Florida & California.

Not letting the moss grow under her feet, she also has been active in professional guilds & associations as an exhibiting member, instructor & board member.

Her work has been on display in several TV shows as well as a guest segment for HGTV's "That's Clever".

A couple of future gigs for Beverly is an impressive entry in a published ceramic/art book coming out in the Fall... "500 Vases". She'll also be in the ACGA Clay & Glass Festival, July 10th & 11th in Palo Alto. Come up and support her there & at her etsy shop.