The Man Behind the Masks...

David of ArtAkimbo at Etsy.com is a shy unassumming man of many faces...craftsmanship in not only in his work BUT in his avid submerging of character & body in his various successful acting & modeling careers...

Just like DeNiro, he sculpts his body to fit perfectly the roles he's assigned...like the heavy workout regimen he endured to get the perfect muscularture of Fabio, to stand in for him during a portrait sitting those two weeks in Tuscany, as Fabio was in rehab.

OR when he removed a rib and pared down to the petite size of the Divine Ms. M to carry on her tour of "Divine Madness" when she alledgedly "fell" off the stage in Sydney, Australia.

But lately he's had his most "real" & satisfying role as Stanley Tucci's sex scene double in "Burlesque", co-starring with Cher & Christina Aquillera. There is even talk that more Stanley Tucci parts might be offered to him because of his haunting similarity...those dark, sexy eyes & bald head.

**Disclaimer: All of the above info is made up per permission from the artist himself, who is such a shy, weird & private guy. Everything to my knowledge is fiction, though that "misstep" in Sydney sounds like a believeable possibility...haven't we all had a "misstep" in Sydney???

**Truth: Galleries & Museums David has been exhibited in:
Flagler Museum...Palm Beach, FL
Amarillo Museum of Art ...Amarillo, TX
Fuller Craft Museum ...Brocton, Mass
Clark Gallery ...Lincoln, Mass

Blogsite: (you'll be blown away) http://artakimbo.com/