I'm Ashamed for Many Things, BUT Not For Presenting This Extraordinary Contemporary Folk Art Dollmaker Duo

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My confession to being ashamed is for not acquiring permission to present this slide presentation from "Cart Before the Horse", a remarkable art doll shop at Etsy. I had noticed their shop and their increditable creations months ago...i even convoed them for permission to use their images, but was unable to make contact of any kind.

I only hope that they will understand my selfish motivation to introduce them to my readers & followers. They have done an extraordinary thing in connecting their doll images to our feelings, our common history, our connectiveness instead of our differences. Historical touchstones are referenced, but there seems to be subtle new references, a sense of humor with every stitch, and a dry wit at times.

Dylan & Jo are the creative force behind this charming shop, a modern "mom & pop" collaboration . Each doll is individually sewn, drawn & painted. They usually come as limited editions of 25. Pieces are signed, numbered, and dated by the artists themselves, Dylan & Jo.

Along with a charming variety of art dolls, Dylan & Jo also have very affordable quilt pattern kits of their own creation & style... which I can only guess is an off-shoot of their instructional FREE blog articles that walk you through some of the most delightful craft projects... see their blog; http://thecartbeforethehorse.blogspot.com