Unmasked at Etsy.com...a remarkable artist & shop

Peggy is a remarkable artist as her work speaks for itself. She has (2) online shops; one at Etsy & the other at 1000Markets, where you can buy her ooak ceramic mask wall hangings as well as smaller proto-types which originally are used to work out the logistics for larger works, but with forthought become pendants & wall hangings.

If you dare to expose your child-like wonder with your mouth gapping open at every piece you are exposed to, you should view her website & blog site to get a more spiritual sense of the woman behind the mask.

Peggy has also been published in the collector's section of "American Style" magazine... i was impressed, i can't even afford a subscription :D

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maskwoman (aka Peggy Bjerkan) said...

Aw shucks, ellen. I'm slightly embarassed at your kind description of my work. You know, we all must do what we can in this world....and hopefully, we can make it a slightly better place through our efforts. One splash of color, a bit of mud, some metal and stone and a lot of imagination.....