Spectacular End of the Year...Easy-Breezy Giveaway!!

I've been meaning to have a giveaway long before this time so everyone could relax for most of the holidays and have a little something extra to look forward to...a SURPRISE to add a little spice to our lives.

But life got in the way and I forgot and so many things are lumming...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year AND tax time !!! ...So to lighten the load for all of US, I decided to have an Easy-Breezy Giveaway... as trouble free as I can make it for all involved.

I'm not sure if the younger generation had these, but when I was a kid the local drugstore every year around Christmas would have a big bin of "grab bags" for sale...No one knew what was in the bags...but it was always of more value than the price of the bag and all the proceeds went to a local charity. The bags were beautifully wrapped & were a clear temptation for all us kids & visually stimulated adults with child-like dreams..."what could be in the bags??"...mom would let us all buy one, but we had to put it under the tree till Christmas, adding to the "mystique".


This Giveaway will run thru DECEMBER 15th...giving me time to mail everything out before Christmas.

Participants can only enter ONCE, this way everyone will have an equal chance to win..I would prefer you enter by following me on my blog & reporting back, BUT another way to enter is to go to my Etsy shop and pick one item you like & report back under comments...don't forget your email so I can contact you if you win.

blog: http://nineandahalfdesign.blogspot.com
etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/streetnoodles

There will be MULTIPLE winners since I will be reducing my inventory in bundles worth $50-$75+ each.

I would prefer to keep the participants domestic so deliveries should reach you before Christmas, BUT if any international client wants to participate, please know that your prize will contain smaller items (probably jewelry or cards) to keep the mailing cost down...and please know there is no way I can guarantee a before Christmas delivery.

So GOOD LUCK to all...I hope this simple giveaway will add to your child-like wonder and yet be easy on your adult duties over the holidays :D


Crystal Zacharias said...

Following. Cpenner_2000 at hotmail dot com

Shayda Bakhshi said...

Yay for giveaways! Following!

slbakhshi (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bethany said...

bought from etsy, following the blog! bethany dot jane dot anderson [at] gmail :)

My Shining Star Designs said...

Love your blog! I am certainly following. :) And love your shop!!

myshiningstardesigns at yahoo dot com

Ellen said...

for those who want to join in on the giveaway, you may have noticed that i wrote a short blurb about my brother, Gary, dying unexpectantly a few days ago.

please don't let my notation curb your enthusiam...Gary was chronically sick for a long time...his suffering is over and our whole family have warm memories that we plan to share openly at his wake.

i too will wait till after the giveaway & christmas before i write my farewell to him here on my blog....a girl couldn't have asked for a better brother.

Beth Ann said...

LOVE your designs and the necklace I just received! New follower....
beth.thomas922 at gmail dot com

Bethany said...

im loving following your blog!
just brought a lovely brooch for my mum for xmas, cant wait to recieve it.
bethanywilson @ hotmail . com

Ellen said...

hi bethany wilson...having the hardest time trying to reach you...please contact me with your mailing address within 24hrs...thanks, ellen

Ellen said...

we are now officially closing this giveaway and i'm happy to say you all have won a grab bag...all due to the fact that my promotion on this contest was so poor...i was a bit distracted.

i've contacted all of you & also mentioned a 24hr deadline to notify me of your mailing addresses due to my prior business & family obligations (sorry)...so please be aware if i don't hear back from you, your prizes will be voided.

merry christmas to all of you...and thank you for participating.