Caught in the Stages of Denial

This is just a quick note to say that earlier this morning, i was informed my older brother of only a year, had died in his sleep the day before...i've tried to wrap my mind around this, BUT just can't. In true CSI fanatical fashion, i won't believe it till i see the body, read the autopsy...even then i know he can't be...dead.


Jennifer Vance said...

Oh no!Praying!

Ellen said...

thank you jennifer...it's been a couple of days & i'm still not "getting it" yet. i've been told i need to do the eulogy...i'm numb more than nervous...not afraid i won't find things to say about my brother, Gary, BUT i'm concerned i'll just break down an sob uncontrollably for 15 minutes, without being able to say anything audible.