Who Knew Ellen D. was right about Grace & the Nocturnals

This was the first year I ever watched from beginning to end, "American Idol"! I always thought it cheesy and more concerned to expose the drama between the judges than finding the "talent" of the year.

BUT I'm more surprised that I found Ellen DeGenernerous an excellent judge of talent & well-knowledged in popular music. ...so as the ball bounces, I watched Ellen and found her with a guest band one day ...and again I was surprised....Grace Potter & the Nocturnals are a welcomed throwback to that "golden age" of the early 70's where the music was "perfect".


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

they are so great! I got their album a few years ago when I belonged to a review club. I fell in love with "apologies". then i'd hear it on WB be shows and I think even a movie. They are a great band!

Ellen said...

the quality of her voice is so rich. when i was trying to pick one of many songs on youtube, i found i really liked her earlier years (around 2006)...her fashion sense was more down to earth & her love of R&B was evident & so exciting to see & HEAR.