Queen Size Bed vs. Cal King Size

Lately my husband , John, has had a "metro-sexual" bug up his ass... wanting to paint every room in our house, starting with our bedroom. So for the past 10 day's & counting, we've been sleeping in the guestroom which has the queen mattress we first did the "evil deed" when we first met in 1999.

So this experience has started a mental checklist in my mind of the "pros & cons" of queen size vs. cal-king:

(pro) the queen seems firmer & more comfortable.
(pro) the king is a sleep number bed so i can adjust it firmer.
(pro) the queen bedding is so soft & fluffy & warm.
(con) the king bedspread smells slightly of kitty pee...a gift from 'stella'.
(pro) the queen only allows space for one cat to sleep with us.
(con) the king allows for all the cats to sleep with us BUT the terriory fight in the morning is scary.
(pro) for some reason, john doesn't steal the queen size blankets.

.......BUT when all is added up, (2) basic 'truths' come out:

(1) though the queen size was more than ample when John & I were flexible, lean, & world-class acrobatic practictioners, the queen was sorely lacking space for us now.

(2) my sleep number has grown from 35 to 60 in 11 years.... in 10 years, i'll be buying our bed from "Posture Pedic Cement" bed company.


SleepNumberHelp said...

Hello, my name is Chris and I work with the online branch of Select Comfort's Customer Service team. I'm happy to hear you're still enjoying your Sleep Number bed! I'm glad the bed has been able to accommodate your need for an increasingly firm surface over the years, although I hope the trend won't continue for too long. We don't have a setting for concrete!

I hope the paint in your bedroom dries soon you'll be able to get back into king bed and continue getting quality sleep. If you ever have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-411-2270. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Sleep Well!
Chris V

Ellen said...

LOL...OMG! who knew...sleepnumber is part of the blogesphere!

just an update, after a few nights on that FIRM queensize, my back started to hurt...my hubby said to set the sleepnumber at my normal #35 & i've been back-pain free ever since.

just like my "youth"...my queen size was nostalgic & fun to VISIT but i don't want to LIVE there :D