Mr. Stanley is booked for the holidays...

last night after i woke to shoot myself with that joy-juice called insulin...i went back to bed only to find stanley steinway,my cat, sleeping on my side of the bed. it took a while to wake him so i could get back into bed...but when i did, he did what comes so naturally to him.....he started to "groom" my hair. usually i don't encourage this kind of behavior, but i was so tired...and it sort of felt good, tho a bit wet.

when i woke up this morning, john mentioned how nice my hair looked...then he saw the otherside & in mid-sentence retracted it....BUT strangely, it was the "stanley side" he was completementing me on....who knew that kitty spit made great "product"!!!!

(going to get stanley to see if he can fit me in as a "walk-in" this afternoon.."hey kitty, kitty..")

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