My Newest Obsessions...

It a

ll started with a visit to my local "Goodwill Store". I found this well-worn straw hat that had a clump of "once-upon-a-time" fabulous fragile netting and what looked to be a once colorful assortment of millinery tiny flowers and assorted baubles. Then flashback further when i was a kid watching my mom hanging out the laundry...she'd always let me take one shirt and put on my head so that i could pretend i had long hair...AND THERE became the first day of a long obsession with my hair...the magical, unattainable haircut never quite achieved... popular hair accessories from every decade i lived through.

Above you'll find my new obsession with hair accessories (also have some new brooches too)using old & new elements and adding my "Goodwill" inspired embellishments to the mix.... strangely i'm too close to this work to judge it...not sure if it's good or not.


Karen Casey-Smith said...

Ellen, these are amazing! They're beautiful and unique pieces. Very cool!

Ellen said...

thank you karen... you don't know how much you moved my "enabling gauge"...i may not have a man to obsess about like joni mitchell might have sung about, but "i could drink a case of" my obsession right now :D