OMG! Finally a "Follow-up"

I'm so sorry for leaving my regular followers with a "cliff hanger"...it's been about a week since I was told John, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer after a rather "lucky" appendictomy attack that forced the operation and lead directly to the cancer location and eventually the decision to take all of the suspected diseased area in one feld swoop.

John has to recoop from the initial operation which will be approx. 6 weeks....BUT this friday, they did get preliminary results that confirmed they got all, if not most of the cancer, BUT they are still leaving open the door that chemo may still need to be done...BUT we won't know till after a few more tests.

As i look back on this...it was the unspeakable nightmare anyone could ever hear about a loved-one, soulmate, friend/ love, BUT with the happy ending everyone wants in a movie. We are only slowly going through some hard "truths" that have come up in our screwy relationaship.

i married my "boy toy" husband...i'm the one who was suspected of dying first, due to my heart condition... John was always the healthy person still working, while i was forced to retire early...we sacrificed all for good cars for him & his job not realizing that i could not reach the gas pedals or brakes. So much of my time during the runs to the hospital & emergency rooms was trying tp negociate transport for both of us...all the while looking like i was going to have a heart attack at any moment.

We are now at the stage where i'm trying to slow him down at home...he's always been a work-a-holic, but knowing that he's forced to take it easy for 6 weeks is driving him to plan home projects...OMG!!! I would sit on him, but I think I might burst his stitches :D


Jennifer Vance said...

Yay! :D Such good news!I'm praying for ALL of that cancer to be gone,so he won't have to do chemo,cause that's a real hard thing to go through,and he doesn't need that.(nor do you!)God can get rid of any cancer if the doctors missed any.
And I'll be praying for the rest of the stuff going on,too. <3

PussDaddy said...

I hope everything continues to turn out ok.