Two Tightly Wound ... amazing collaboration!

Andrea & Amy make up this awesome jewelry design duo. Not only will you be getting some insight about them, BUT the video is a brand new venture, this talented duo has been working on.

Andrea & Amy met at a gem show. Both were beaders BUT wanted something more challenging...something unique, that NOT everyone was doing. "We wanted to use our creative energy to design unusual and beautiful pieces of jewelry"...it's safe to say they both wished they had been jewelers from the very beginning...as a paraphrased quote from George Elliot, "it's never too late, to become what you should have been".

Amy lives in NY & Andrea lives in CT. Everything is shared between the two...buying the gems & wire, to opening new accounts & managing their Etsy site. They take advantage of buying in bulk, by buying together. They email constantly & are in touch either by phone, fax, or ESP everyday.

A typical day for them?...They both work on their designs...Andrea works during the day and Amy in the evening. If they have to see a customer at their retail outlet to fulfill an order, they also coordinate that with other issues they have to address "face to face".

They meet weekly to exchange finished pieces of jewelry & supplies. "Our designs are each our own".They don't really collaborate on them, except to comment on how wonderful they are or share a new technique. "We are our biggest fans...we have to be!...Amy & I support each other...our husbands help to a certain extent but really it's just the two of us. We could use some extra support...Spanx might be an option ... :D "

I asked them if they ever considered their work "art jewelry" rather than just beadwork AND if they ever considered showing in a craft gallery. As they explained, some of their current retail outlets consider themselves artist's markets or galleries. They had done the craft show circuit and didn't want to continue because it wasn't the right venue for them. They did consider the high-end craft shows BUT the amount of work for the monetary reward didn't seem to be there.

My last question, in great Etsian flourish...what do you wish for you and your business in the future? ..."We hope to earn the admiration & recognition of our peers...we would LOVE to become famous jewelry designers. We would like to see a celebrity or ANYONE walking down the street wearing our designs (haven't yet). Amy wants a red Ferrari. I want a larger office."

With their combined talents & support of each other...who knows...I for one am a fan and wish them great success! Remember that they also do "custom work" & "bridal work"...contact them through their Etsy shop or here is their email: twotightlywound@aol.com

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