Conclusion: Facebook is like an abusive boyfriend...that your parents like!

This is dedicated to Erica who made a comment on the previous "Facebook entry"... my opinions are my own, and based on a 7 hour bout with Facebook trying to get my fan page up and running.

Facebook is like an abusive boyfriend that your parents like... everyone told me i should have a fan page with Facebook, even though i told them i didn't trust them, found them confusing & hard to deal with...following the "rules" they set, and yet with every inelegant programers' frustrated "loops" & turns there was an obvious intent to make me feel stupid and inadequate..HEY, i'm a college graduate, went to grad school, got my masters...BUT i'm suppose to find a microscopic phrase or single word that is inherently frought with "misdirection".

"4Q" you Facebook! ... no Faceless, mega entity, hiding in the darkness of annonimity is worth 7 hours of my time...unfortunately you've got the general public ("the parents") bamboozled...so sorry Erica...i did get my fan page up, BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I DID IT! ...my only hope in some alternate universe, all of us abused victims will gather mattresses around the faceless Facebook building & burn it down...using self-defense due to post-traumatic stress as our defense.


Jennifer Vance said...

7 hours!oh my.. :(.It didn't take me that long..If anyone ever needs help with theirs,let me know.

Ellen said...

thanks jennifer...i know erica will be needing your help on that.

just to clarify the 7 hrs. is accumulative..i walked away several times to tear out my hair and bash my brains against the wall...returned to find that all my original work somehow disappeared after being up & running for a few minutes (at least)...a small break to cry and contemplate suicide by Facebook...but then returned and started again from scratch, had it working for a few hours, then it disappeared again...thought about going "postal" on my poor innocent kitties, BUT stopped because just then Mr. Checkers looked up at me questioning me why i was laughing demonically...and playing with the kitchen knives...i was able to stop and start from scratch again.

Ellen said...

i checked back on my facebook fan page...would you believe, the Etsy file IS GONE!..i want to say a few choice short but descriptive words BUT i think i would violate bloggers' TOU...please give me strength!