Mother's Day Thought...

As I look back and remember the most important woman in my life…my mom, I’m shocked to see that I share more general characteristics with my dad when I was younger…artistic, moody, and wearing my “angst” on my sleeve at all times.

As I’ve grown & lived in the “real world”, my life seems steered by my maternal side….the planner, the worrier, the “what-will-people-think-of-me” person. Afraid to follow my dreams because that would be selfish, or too afraid to fail, or even too afraid to try.

Now finally my turn, though a bit late, finding the “Age of ME”. Finding out that the classic “break-up” line…”if you love her set her free” really is a east-meets- west philosophy of “letting go” of everything & having the faith that everything will come back to you stronger.

I still feel my mom’s presence in our family home…still at times hear her footsteps going down the hall checking in all the bedrooms making sure we’re all alright. I hope she made time to find herself.


Erica Lea said...

Your maternal side sounds a lot like my grandmother, who, in turn, passed some of that down to my mom, and so on. It really resonated as I read your description, because I know it's not easy to let all of that go. I hope you're enjoying the "Age of ME" to its fullest:-)

Ellen said...

thanks for your kind words...went to your blog...WOW what great shots of flowers & birds.once had a friend who took me to a hill that over-looked the golden gate & saw birds of prey migrating to alaska...perching themselves on the top towers and taking in the view & thinking an eagle's version of "OMG"! :D