ElenaMarySiff...collage & assemblage artist @ Etsy

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I first met Elena as the energetic manager of more 1000 Market groups than was (i thought) humanly possible. I became a fan when we both had dealings with another 1K individual, who shall remain nameless, who basically pissed us off.

I guess "fan" does not quite explain it...more like "goddess"! I know in any venue group, it is usually against some unimpeachable rule that you can't say anything bad about anyone else...even though they were raised by wolves and hurt people right & left, we can't righteously react to them. Where did being an online artist/designer equate to losing your moral compass & BALLS???

Before I blurt out the secret...I'll move on to Elena's work which is as dynamic as she is. Here are a few of her sites & sites she's vested in:

Etsy shop... http://www.etsy.com/shop/elenamary

Elena's personal website... http://www.elenamarysiff.com/

Blog: featuring Etsy artists who are members of the "making change" etsy team, concerned with political,environmental & social agenda... http://artofmakingchange.blogspot.com

This group is also opening a store at 18th St.Art Center for 3 months... http://18thstreet.org/events/making-change-elena-siff

She has also created custom books for birthdays, graduations, and any special occassion...see examples: http://www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/elena-mary-siff.html

Face Book page: http://www.facebook.com/ElenaMarySiff


Hilary said...

That is cool! I enjoy the 18th street arts colony and love your slightly edgy tone, so many bloggers are simply sugary sweetness all the time.

Ellen said...

thank you for noticing hillary..."edgy" huh, what a diplomatic person you are :D those other sugary sweet bloggers you mentioned are probably younger than me...shhhh! a true secret of growing older is the esquisite sensation of following your moral compass & discovering your "BALLS"...read my article about "More" magazine under "observations" header, i was really letting my "balls" swing there :D