Bethenny Getting Married?...exchanging one addiction for another

I know a couple of weeks ago I proudly confessed that I was a "Housewives of New York" junkie. I also know that there are those who love the Orange County original wives over the New York & those who can't live without the Jersey wives or the Atlanta group...and god knows what will happen as the D.C. wives make their debut. BUT I DON'T CARE...I LOVE BETHENNY & JASON!

I was pretty much vested in it only because I loved Bethenny's humor & openess in the "New York wives"...and my OCD came out when I kept on watching the island vacation, 3-part reunion, & the lost NY wives tapes OVER & OVER again...only coming up for air to watch that late night Bravo show ("what's Happening?") ... and just to add (since i'm not vested in the Jersey wives), the live performance of Danielle, tho coming out of left gay field...was very good to excellent (she has a good voice without the help of recording "magic")...I just wish I didn't have this idea in the back of my head that she looks more & more like a transvestite as she gets lost in cosmetic surgery.

Back to Bethenny's new show...I finally hit the crossroads of fan to possible fanatic when the "perfect man" Jason dismisses Bethenny's perfect impression of "Bride-zilla" demanding he help her with the wedding decisions... and his response is "...but honey, the games on".

And though at the time of this blog print, it hasn't been shown BUT in the trailer, it is suggested that Bethenny has to make a decision to pee in a champagne bucket in her wedding dress... I salute her assistant & wedding planner for going WAY BEYOND their job description.

I can't wait to see the next episode!


Kings Creek Pottery said...

I confess, I am also a total addict and can't wait to see the wedding!

Ellen said...

hi kathy...checked out your blog...great pots, pucker & the black bean confetti salad!!! what an idyllic life!

i've only recently thought about my early ceramic experiences & wanting to relive them BUT my hubby is fearful about my full commentment since i now have a tendancy to dooze off alot :D

but i'll be wide awake for "the wedding" & if not, that's why they invented TIVO!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I was listening to a podcast of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! this a.m. and heard a hysterical bit on new items created for the wedding day...I knew the answer (thanks to Bethenny) which is: bride diapers for those wedding day emergancies!!! LOL. I thought of you and our mutual addiction :)

Thanks for the compliments on my pottery. You should try the salad~ mmm!

I love your blog

Ellen said...

Kathy...omg..LOL! I love it! If anyone could bring "reality" to pregnancy & weddings & life in general "B" can be our unofficial queen...with sagging vaginas, "disco" maturnity clothes & bridal diapers, because i don't remember my mama telling me any of this stuff....i guess i should have told my mom during "our talk" to "MAN-UP MOM!...tell me the WHOLE truth" :D