OMG! my name is Ellen, and I'm a "Real Housewives of New York" junkie!

Just to preface this...my Tivo has been on the spritz for over a week because my cable company found another way to hold me ransom and squeeze more money out of us.

Finally had to give in if only to see BRAVO'S Real Housewives of New York...my favorite of the wives series...almost missed the Housewives' "vacay" in the Virgin Islands. ..OMG!

Several things seem to gel for me with this episode...a justified "public" resolution.... like finally making it into the room with the "portrait of Dorian Grey"....pulling off the cover to see the real character and soul of Dorian, NOT the beautiful public creature, BUT the monstrous being... (Jill will never look beautiful to me again).

There was a "curve ball"...the truly beautiful soul of Sonja who diffused the psychotic break of Kelly at the dinner table and made the rest of the group realize that Kelly was "broken" and she needed support and care NOT confrontation.

I found that in that one dinnertime... Sonja brought out what no one else had nurtured... what I had seen of all these women (Bethenny, Alex & Ramona), a loving supportive nature...resulting in a true concern for Kelly's well being.

Now in contrast, I see Luanna as question mark...maybe if you buff her real hard you might find a "sincere heart", BUT she still seems mismerized by her own title as "the countess".

With Jill I see the "publicity hound" that she claims Bethenny is.... and the wielding of her social power and need to be the center of attention as a dangerous trait. When Kelly accused Bethenny of daily attacking her & her children in the press, I felt a strong belief that Jill would be the more likely to generate hurtful gossip, she's been doing it since day one...she has been doing that with Alex & her children and when Kelly did the Playboy spread, it was Jill who made her opinions known.

Jill I think has found a kindred spirit in Luanna...both of them in awe of her "countess"-ship, and an attraction in their own narcisstic view of things...when they do something vile, they laugh it off & dismiss any kind of criticism, everything was meant as a joke...BUT GOD FORBID if anyone they feel is "beneath them" does the same, it is an unforgiveable SIN & they are bannished from their "world"... with the infamous words, "WE'RE DONE!"

On a last note...I find Jill's husband to be the best of all the husbands... so level-headed, gentle, loving & loyal...and another necessary note, Ramona's husband, Mario, is the SEXIEST, not only in looks but the way he loves his wife & daughter...and of course he could talk to me in Italian any where & anytime!!! :D


elsiee said...

OK Missy the thing is my "trashy" TV roster is already full, what with America's Next Top Model and Keeping Up With The Kardashians! But darn it if you're not making me curious about the housewives and I am a SUCKER for all things NYC!!!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

I'm also addicted to this show. I have to wonder how much is "reality" anymore and how much is the writing/editing.

Last year I despised alex and simon for their need to try to get into every party to be included in "the scene". this year, I really like them both!

last year, I thought jill was the most level-headed and bethany, although funny as hell, was kinda too neurotic.

this year, i'm seeing that jill is just a name-dropping, control-freak and bethany has her sh*t together!

kelly is still a complete nutcase!

and the "countess" (barf) is a no-class phony!

at the beginning of this season, i though sonja was gonna be another lame addition (like kelly) and just another attention whore. but her reaction to kelly has really made me like her a lot

it's the best season, by far!

Ellen said...

omg elsiee..at least stop in this thursday nite..jill barges into the girls retreat!...have to hurry tho the NY women are coming to a season close. Luckily tho Bethanny is getting her own spin-off(she's the funny pregnant one).

Tsuki...i know what you mean..i now try to document in my mind only the behavior of the women in continual video clips & hold my opinion when there are alot of jumps in clothing, time of day, etc...but what is so delicious, as you've said, is that things change so much from minute to minute or season to season.

Andrew Thornton said...

We all have our vices...