Scared again!

I'm scared again...going in for some emergency laser eye treatment this early morning...can't sleep.

My eyes tend to bleed at times, nothing ghoulish, just tiny bleeders that leave what the doctors call "spider webs". If you looked at my eye you would not even see it, but looking outward, I do...in normal people they usually disapate & fade away so the vision isn't effected for long, but for some reason (probably due to my diabetes) my bleeders don't act normally & stay & I'll get more bleeders until my eye is filled with these little "spider webs" that float about like thick algae floating through sea water.

It's time like these that I become scared & disgustingly maudlin...trying to think of what I could do if I lost my vision being an artist most of my life...Monet painted well into his blindness...his figures becoming more abstract BUT those amazing colors could not be restrained.

I know I'm no "Monet", but with technology, maybe I could see a bit longer or at least clearer...I hear that fonts can be enlarged :D

I'll try to sleep now...crossing my fingers & toes...knocking on wood.


Ave said...

I have something for you on my blog ;)

Ellen said...

thank you ...thank you..looking forward to the giveaway...yours is the best...great networking as well as being so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I´m sorry for this symtopms: my father is also diabetic and has high eye blood pressure, but he´s following a treatment which led his eyes to a normal blood pressure. So maybe you have to consult several doctors to avoid major damages in your eyes. Health is the more important thing!
Come on! Go on!